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Attention NPOA Members:

Any NPOA member interested in participating in the next NPOA Board meeting on Saturday, December 1st at 9:00a.m. in a "listening only" format may call the NPOA Administrative office, up until Friday, November 30th at 4:30p.m. to receive further information on how to participate.

The office number is 530/562-0322.

NPOA Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors

Mike Plishner

Michael Plishner - President
After moving to California in 1972, I spent 4 decades as an attorney and then a partner with one of California's largest law firms, originally known as McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen. I served as Managing Partner of the McCutchen firm for almost a decade, before its merger with an east coast firm in 2002. At the combined firm with over 1000 lawyers, Bingham McCutchen, I had a commercial litigation practice, served at various times as co-chair of its litigation practice, as the firm's general counsel, chair of its risk management programs, and was a trustee of its retirement plans. I served for a decade on the board of directors of an insurance company which insured almost 8000 lawyers in 9 national law firms. As a result, I gained substantial experience in law, management, finance and insurance.

My wife, Roz (a former elementary school principal), and I have been Northstar homeowners since 1989. Several years later, we bought a lot in the Big Springs area at the first auction for property owners and completed building our new home there in 2006. Our twin sons grew up with Northstar as their ski home base, and now they and their Southern California families, including our three grandchildren, love spending their vacations here.

Starting in 2008, I spent three terms on the NPOA Board, serving as Chair of the Development Oversight Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee. I was involved in the negotiation of an agreement on use of the Big Springs EVA and formulating positions for the NPOA Board on all the ongoing development projects. I also assisted our General Manager in updating our By-Laws, Declaration and CC&Rs. After leaving the Board in 2013, I assisted the Board on a number of projects, including advising on the issues with Martis Camp and Placer County over the Retreat EVA and negotiating a new transit agreement with Vail for the Northstar community.

Now that I am retired, and we live at Northstar half-time, I have more time to spend on these kinds of issues and am pleased to be able to do so as a Board member once again.

John Bowe

John Bowe - Vice President
My wife Susan and I and our children first visited Northstar in 1980 on a ski vacation. We have been coming to Northstar ever since, first as renters, and later as homeowners on Conifer since 2001.

   I worked in international shipping for over 35 years, including 26 years with American President Lines (APL), an international container shipping company based in the Bay Area. I held general management positions in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore from 1988 until 2004, before returning home to the Bay Area as President for APL responsible for Canada, United States, and Latin America. During those years based overseas, my family and I returned to Northstar for summer vacations each year. It was our home in the US each summer. These days we live in the Bay Area, but spend time in Northstar during all seasons.  Our two children are now grown, and they and their families (including four of our grandchildren) all enjoy Northstar with us in the summer for golf, tennis, hiking, and swimming, and for skiing in winter. 

 In my career, I have been responsible for large organizations with significant annual financial revenue, expense, and profit objectives. I have served on industry boards, and non-profit boards, including the Oakland Museum of California. Since retiring from APL in 2011, I have consulted with several private and public freight transportation and supply chain organizations, including the Port of Oakland. I currently serve on the Board of a privately held Bay Area ocean freight transportation company operating between California and Hawaii. I hope to apply some of this experience to the position as Board member for NPOA.

My wife and family and I have enjoyed Northstar for many years. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of such a beautiful, natural environment. We are also fortunate that the NPOA community has been so well managed in recent years, both financially and for quality of life. I hope to contribute my efforts to continue and to strengthen this remarkable performance, and to ensure that all NPOA members will remain proud of their unique community, and confident that the Board has their interests foremost in mind for Northstar's present and future.

Sue Cordonnier

Sue Cordonnier - Secretary/Treasurer
My husband, Bill and I purchased a condominium at Northstar with five other couples back in 1976 – it was the only way we could afford a vacation home! At the time we lived in Marin County and brought the family up to ski and swim every chance we had. I feel like our children were “raised” here! Three houses later, we are enjoying seeing our grandchildren evolve as skiers, swimmers and now golfers at Northstar! Since retiring, we moved from the Sacramento area to Cardiff-By-The-Sea, near San Diego, and have the perfect combination of the Christmas holidays, ski weeks and summers here and winters at the beach.

I am a retired Certified Public Accountant, spending almost 30 years as an Audit Partner with Perry-Smith LLP (a mid-sized accounting firm in Sacramento) and Crowe Horwath LLP (8th largest accounting firm in the US), specializing in the financial institutions industry. At Perry-Smith, I was the CFO of the firm as well as the leader of the financial institution’s practice, which served more than 50 community banks. I also consulted with the management teams and boards of many of our clients, assisting them with merger and acquisition opportunities, compliance issues, interfacing with their regulatory agencies and performance enhancement projects.

My background as a CPA, owner of a regional business and partner in an international accounting firm allows me to contribute to the Board most specifically in financial matters and strategic decision-making. I was also a member of the NPOA Finance and Budget Committee before becoming a director, which gave me insights into the financial, budget and audit functions of the Association.

As the owner of a second home at Northstar since 1976, I have followed the many changes that have taken place. I am pleased to now be a member of the NPOA Board of Directors and will strive to protect the interests of the current homeowners while continuing to consider and promote improvements to our resort for generations to come.

Steve Klei

Steve Klei - Director
My wife Katy and I have been married for 35 years and have 4 children who are now young adults and have a love of Northstar like we do. It is our stated intent to pass on our home to them as a legacy. This creates the deep desire to engage, contribute, improve and influence what happens here.

We both grew up in Michigan got married in Michigan in December 1983 (on my wife’s graduation day from college) and immediately came to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon and never moved back!

One of the first ski resorts we ever visited was Northstar and we have been coming ever since, finally buying our own place in 2003. We have seen all the progress and LOVE it. Our primary residence has been in Pleasanton, CA, but with our kids now grown and my work transitioning to more advisory work vs full-time operating roles, we will be spending a large amount of our time in Northstar.

Northstar living has been an awesome experience and it keeps getting better, especially now that we can spend more time here at Northstar.

Our family is passionate about the environment at Northstar. We love skiing, boarding, fly fishing, hiking, biking and kayaking as well as just relaxing and hanging out at our home, in the village and Truckee.

My focus and a key reason why I am motivated to serve on the Board is to ensure Northstar continues to improve, enabling it to maintain its current reputation as one of the most sought after areas of North Lake Tahoe and keep its special family oriented focus and reputation. I believe the bar is continually being raised around us and we must ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of current and prospective homeowners who are so proud of this community.

I have 20 years of executive CFO experience leading in high growth founder-led entrepreneurial environments for 5 successful fast growing, primarily SaaS based companies - both public and private. I have managed tremendous growth – having joined companies in the earlier stages between $7M and $30M in revenue. I am one of a few CFOs to have grown two SaaS companies to over $125M of recurring revenue, seeing growth that few others have experienced, with my most recent company growing 10x from $40M to $400M in 4 years . I have raised >$700M in capital to fund growth over a dozen different times and has led the acquisition of 10+ companies to augment organic growth. Finally, I have led a successful IPO and the ultimate successful acquisition of 4 different companies creating almost $2 billion in value for shareholders (Kabam, Jigsaw, Zantaz, ProBusiness).

I am active in a Board of Director capacity for 3 different SaaS software companies and on the Advisory Board for 2 Companies including Demandbase, Tribe Dynamics, ThinkHR, Silicon Valley Bank and Ceevra. These Boards provide me the experience to operate as a trusted advisor to management as well as provide the appropriate leadership and strategic direction necessary to move the Association forward.

I am a CPA starting my career with Ernst & Young, receiving a degree in Accounting from Central Michigan University.

Al Roth

Al Roth - Director
As a member of the Northstar Family for almost 25 years I have witnessed firsthand most of the growth that has taken place. As you read the other bios of your Board of Directors a common thread is evident, and that thread is a longtime love affair with the mountain that we call Northstar. What is also present is a commitment to the protection of the environment, our participation in the many activities, our devotion to family and friends; in short our Northstar Spirit.

Like my fellow directors my family and I came to Northstar first to ski, and then to find my spirit in the mountain. My 4 year old grandson now refers to Northstar as one of his homes, and although he doesn't realize it he is also finding his sprit here in our mountain. Ask me about Aadon you will more likely be deluged with what I refer to as "The Adventures of Aadon and Opa."

As a member of your Board of Directors I enter as a sum of my parts. You will find me as a devoted family man (happily married to Debbie since 1976) with two grown children (Aaron and Sara) and of course Aadon my grandson. My official resume lists a Associates of Arts degree in Electronics, Bachelors of Arts (Business Management), Masters of Business Administration with a minor in Electronic Commerce, and still in pursuit of my Ed.D from the University of San Francisco's School of Education in Organizational Learning (minor in Digital Arts).

But as I mentioned, we all become a sum of our life experiences and so along my life's journey I became a California credentialed instructor, Ca Notary Public, Minister, college professor, and environmentalist.

Professionally I worked at the Naval Air Station and was a key mover in successfully closing the Rework Facility in 1996 (6 months ahead of the Navy's scheduled date), taught at a number of colleges and Fortune 500 companies in the SF Bay area, and currently work as a Maintenance Manager at the Bay Area Rapid Transit organization. With my recent election to your Northstar Homeowners Association I am beginning my second stint as a board member. My first set of terms began in the late 90's when we were all introduced to East-West Partners and the vision for Northstar's future. To say those were turbulent times is an understatement and the board back then had significant issues to learn about and consider: noise, overcrowding, traffic, development, roads, and the environment to name a few. Throughout all of my experiences a member of NPOA and prior member of the Skitrails Homeowners Board I constantly try to remember and consider one thing, "What is the best course of action for all of the Northstar family?" Because like each of us our Northstar family becomes a sum of all our parts: full time residents, vacation owners, homes, condos, fractional owners, employees and our family.

Thank you for reading.
Albert J. Roth, Jr.

Paul Schumacher - Director

Don Watters

Don Watters - Director
Over twenty five years ago one of my brothers "tricked" me into driving my junior high age son up here to ski. What he hadn't told me was that an instructor would be waiting for me at the skier drop off. Michelene, a 65+ year old Northstar Ski School instructor from British Columbia took me by the hand, said, "Come, follow me down the hill." I was hooked. Despite being snowed in more than once, my wife, son, daughter and I returned almost every weekend for the rest of that season. The next summer we found a lot up on Deer Path and began construction. Over the past two decades countless relatives, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, college roommates and Navy shipmates of all ages have shared in the magical Northstar and Lake Tahoe experience - winter and summer both.

I have recently retired as a partner in a global management consulting firm, which provided our family had an opportunity to live in England, Japan, Holland and Australia (twice) for about one third of my professional career– in addition to two decades in the Bay Area. My work involved serving the top management of client companies in a wide variety of industries on their strategy, organization and operations issues.

Moving into retirement, I've become involved as a board member and volunteer with half a dozen Silicon Valley, Bay Area and national not for profit organizations. Currently I serve as lead director for a NYSE listed company.

Northstar has been wonderful experience for our family. I hope that I can return the favor by bringing to bear my relevant experience on the issues that our organization faces going forward.

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2018 BOD Meeting Schedule:
(All meetings are held at the Adult Center at 9am with the BOD meetings held on Saturdays and DRC the last Tuesday of the month unless noted otherwise)
February 3rd
April 21st
June 23rd
August 31st @ 1pm
September 1st – Annual Membership Meeting @ 3pm (Pickleball Courts)
October 6th
December 1st

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DRC Guidelines 2018

Design Review Guidlines

DRC Guidlines 2018

NPOA Committtees

Audit Committee:
The charge of the audit committee is to work with staff and the Associations CPA to review the annual audit report. This report is distributed to membership each year as required by the Davis-Sterling Act.

Sue Cordonnier, Chair
Jim Brigance
Don Watters

Budget & Finance Committee:
Oversees the month to month financial statements, annual budget preparation, cost saving and income strategies. Committee works directly with our General Manager.

Sue Cordonnier, Chair
Jim Brigance
John Bowe
Judy Howes
Jim White
Mike Plishner

Design Review Committee:
This committee reviews and approves all new construction for the “single family” dwellings. It oversee’s design, coverage, variances, landscape, green building, defensible space and more.

David Horan, Chair, Architect
Eric A. Anderson, Architect
Tony Hardy, Contractor

Design Review Liaison:
Steve Klei
Paul Schumacher

Personnel Committee: Oversees General Manager and other employment issues and policies.

Michael Plishner, Chair
John Bowe
Sue Cordonnier

Oversight Committee:
This committee oversees all immediate issues that can or will impact the NPOA membership, particularly in the area of development and the Northstar Resort.

Michael Plishner, Chair
Henry Denero
Al Roth
Brian West

Resort Liaison Committee:
This committee has taken on the charge of working with representatives from Northstar Califonia/Vail to reduce the audio entertainment impacts to our nearby condo associations and single home neighborhoods throughout the various winter and summer seasons.

Paul Schumacher, Chair
Mike Plishner
Steve Klei

NPOA/Condo Committee:

Mike Plishner, Chair
Jim Kooler
Al Roth

North Tahoe Regional Advisory Committee (NTRAC):

Gene Roeder

Risk Management Commitee:

John Bowe, Chair
Paul Schumacher
Steve Klei

Technology Commitee:

Steve Klei, Chair
Nathan Stoll

Trails Committee:

Henry Denero, Chair
Paul Schumacher

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